Encouraging Christians One Day At A Time

We are daily ministering to believers around the world through encouragement found in the Bible that is applicable to everyday life. Podcasts, blogs, counselling (one-on-one and family), conference speaking are valuable opportunities that you can find beneficial to your life as a Christian through our website. How can we best help you today?

What We Do

We care for people. We care about your spiritual condition and eternal destination. We care about your everyday walk with God and how you find your fulfillment in completing His purpose for your life.


We are available for Biblical-centered counseling that addresses, heals, and directs the heart of the individual into a complete and forward-facing walk with God. Can be completed through video conferencing but getting schedules aligned by appointments is of necessity.

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Ministry Growth

God ordains that His ministries grow. Not all ministries grow the same. We will help you focus on growing your ministry based on a variety of needs and interacting with your community with a specialized focus.

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We are available for speaking opportunities including: Conferences, special groups, and Bible teaching.

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What Can I Do?

Donate to a ministry worthwhile. This ministry will incorporate your funds for the furtherance of God’s kingdom through our various ministry opportunities. Please prayerfully consider making a contribution to EncouragingChristians.com. You can contribute a one-time gift or set up a regular, weekly/monthly ministry contribution. Your contribution will be used to help us fulfill the encouraging of believers regularly.

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Daily Podcast

Below is the link to the Encouraging Christians daily podcast. It's a five minute podcast that can encourage you in your faith. 

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