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Dr. Harry Stanley II

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Our History

Four generations of ministering God’s Word to believers in various countries and continents have influenced our decision to broaden our global ministry reach to be a truly life changing encouragement to believers around the world. Evangelistic crusades, Missions and Bible Conferences, Revival meetings, Biblical Counselling, Soul Winning training seminars, and one-on-one personal evangelism keep the fires lit to be a blessing to as many Christians as possible. Which of these ministries could assist you in your walk with Christ?

About Us

We are Biblicist. We center all aspects of our ministry in and around the truth of God’s Word and implementing it into everyday life for believers. The journey with God as His child begins with salvation and being born into His family. As we travel the path we need encouragement taking the right steps on the path He has designed for us. That’s why we are here and what we do.

How We Encourage Christians

We offer prayer, counseling, and ministry of the Word through video interaction as well as live speaking engagements. We also offer a daily, 5 minute podcast to assist you in your application of God’s Word into your walk with God.

How We Can Help

At some point in your journey as a believer you may need encouragement. When you do, which way can we encourage you the most? Maybe the 5 minute podcast can help or maybe you need prayer or counselling. We are here. 

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